Thursday, January 3, 2008

The General wasn't too sore to practice

Avery Johnson poked a little fun at Erick Dampier, who didn’t participate fully in today’s practice. Dampier experienced some swelling in his knee after last night’s win.

“I’m disappointed with Damp today because he didn’t practice because he had a little soreness in his leg area,” Johnson cracked. “I went to the dentist this morning and I have soreness, but I still practiced. So no comment about Damp.”

Dampier expects to play tomorrow night against Miami.

“I’m sure it’s going to be better as I rest overnight,” he said.

As for the dental visit, Johnson was told to stop screaming and grinding his teeth. You know, the latter is usually a sign of stress.

“Turnovers will do that to you,” Johnson shot back without missing a beat.


Aaron said...

i bet aj has the strongest jaw on the mavs crew with all that grinding he does during games

Anonymous said...

Does that speak more to the type of coach he is, or the way the Mavs have been playing lately?