Thursday, January 3, 2008

Eddie Jones looks to pass first

Don’t judge Eddie Jones strictly by raw stats. If you do, you won’t get much to work with.

“My priority is to get something easy for guys,” Jones said Thursday after practice. “I know the importance of easy baskets in order to attain success.”

That’s how Mavericks coach Avery Johnson is rating the performance of his starting shooting guard. Jones may not be filling up the boxscore on a nightly basis, but he’s contributing. Even if you don’t notice it.

“Eddie has been one of good facilitators right now,” Johnson said. “He’s one of our better passers. He’s been initiating plays for us. That’s really been a delight.”

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Anonymous said...

I've been a big fan of Eddie since his days at Temple. He is that rare breed that takes as much pride on their offensive game as their defensive game.

As a Maverick, he just needs to be an opportunitic scorer and facilitator, but most of his energy should be invested on playing defense against the other teams best 2 or 3.

He is an asset on this team.