Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Baron Davis: Mavs are "soft"

Warriors guard Baron Davis called the Mavs “soft” back in November. That label was common during the Nellie years. You don’t hear it much these days, but you can count on guys like Charles Barkley throwing it out from time-to-time.

Davis’ words were brought up this morning by TV’s Gina Miller, giving the Mavs a chance, as Jules once said, to retort.

“I know, as myself, that I’m not,” Josh Howard said. “I know as a team, we’re not. It’s just something that he said. By us getting a win tonight, it’s going to help all of that even more so. I see through that. I’m a bigger person and I’m just going to keep playing my game.”

Jason Terry: “Say what he’s going to say. It’s all going to be proven on the court tonight.”


Anonymous said...

I think it is a good question by Ms. Miller. If the Mavericks remember...the Warriors embarrassed not only the team but all of "D" Town during the playoffs!!!

"D" UP BOYS!!!

Anonymous said...

TNT's Kenny Smith called the Mavs soft after they went into halftime trailing against the Warriors in November when he thinks they needed to make a statement, but I don't recall Baron Davis ever calling Dallas soft. I'd be interested in seeing a direct quote.

Anonymous said...

Baron Davis never said that.

I've been following the warriors for so long.. he would never say that.

Stupid media bastards starting shit.

quote needed!!!