Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Birth of a broadcasting career?

Though you won’t see Austin Croshere on the floor tonight when the Warriors visit AAC, you can hear the former Mavs forward on Golden State’s radio broadcast. Well, if you have satellite radio.

Anyway, Croshere is making his debut as a color commentator for the Mavs-Warriors tilt. He was asked yesterday if he wanted to do it and initially said no. They kept asking and he finally submitted.

“I’m doing it for a quarter,” he told me. “After that I’ll decide if I want to keep going or they’ll decide for me.”

Cro is currently out with a lower back strain. For those who don’t know him, he’s one of the best guys in the league. Though we talked plenty of basketball during his one season in Dallas, we must have spent as much time discussing our theories on Lost and 24. I’m sure I’ll sneak over to his courtside perch tonight for a listen.

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Anonymous said...

Cro is a solid guy. And he always played like a consumate pro. I hope he does well in the broadcast booth.