Friday, January 4, 2008

Redemption Week continues

Golden State left AAC a couple nights back with a loss, bringing us to Miami. I don’t have to remind anyone, but I will anyway, that those are the last two teams to bounce the Mavs from the postseason. The Heat, limping into town at 8-24, hardly resembles that championship squad of 2006.

“They’ve gotten off to a little bit of a tough start this season,” Jerry Stackhouse said this morning. “We’re starting to play the type of basketball that we’re accustomed to playing, but I think they’re rounding into shape. Obviously, with this being the Finals matchup of a couple years ago, it always has a little bit more excitement than a normal regular-season game.

“We’re just going to approach it with the mind set that it’s a new season, we’re 1-0 to start the New Year and we’re just trying to build from that. I don’t we’re going to feed into all of the subplots. If you look at their record, they’re struggling, but we know they’re a very dangerous team, and very well can come in here and play a great game and force us to be on our ‘A’ game.”

Dwyane Wade is enough to get anyone’s attention.

“Whenever you have a guy who demands double coverage, you’re at the mercy of the other guys on the floor,” Stackhouse added. “You’ve got to try to rotate to guys that are more dangerous than others and try to force the ball to go into areas that you want it to go to, where guys are not used to taking and making shots.”

Avery Johnson’s take on Wade: “He milks the free-throw line.” We remember.

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