Sunday, April 20, 2008

Howard on Game 1 defense & his game

After putting the clamps on the Hornets in the first half, and keeping Chris Paul pretty much in check, the second half wasn’t pretty for the Mavs, who led 52-40 at the break.

Paul scored 24 of his game-high 35 after halftime, including 15 in the momentum-turning third quarter. New Orleans won the second half 64-40.

“We didn’t play great second half defense,” Josh Howard said. “Paul is an offensive player so you know he’s going to get his baskets for the most part. We knew they were coming back. It’s what they’ve been doing all season. We’ve just got to play better in the second half.”

Howard knows the same is true for him. After scoring 15 in the first half, he added just two more. Those points came on free throws after he turned his left ankle early in the third. He continued to play, but didn’t make a shot the rest of the game.

“I’m not worried about my shot,” Howard said. “We’re just trying to win games, man. I’m going to do what I’ve got to do to win. I don’t give a damn if I’m shooting 5-for-20 or 7-for-7. I just want to win the game.”

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Anonymous said...

settling for jump shots invites doom. I think a loss to Miami in the finals 2 seasons ago would have taught these guys some lesson. Why can't you guys drive the ball to the paint and draw fouls and go to the foul line? If you would have done this in the second half too just like the first half , you would have won.