Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stack isn't right just yet

Jerry Stackhouse obviously isn’t all the way back from the strained right groin that cost the valuable swingman nine games late in the regular season. After starting the first two games of the series, Stack came off the bench in Game 3 and went scoreless in seven minutes.

“He didn’t get many minutes last night,” Avery Johnson said. “We worked him pretty good today. We hope to get some carryover in the game tomorrow, but nobody is really going to play well in five or six minutes.”

Johnson is pleased with his current rotation – only seven logged double-digit minutes Friday – but Stackhouse isn’t necessarily done in this series.

“He’s not where he needs to be in conditioning and timing, but Stack can have games where we can come out and get the best of the opponent and hopefully it will happen,” Johnson added. “But I think we’ve got to create better opportunities for him. He hasn’t had as much space.”

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