Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Howard and Paul are friendly rivals

Winston-Salem went all out promoting the All-Star candidacies of favorite sons Josh Howard and Chris Paul. Folks in North Carolina are probably split on this series.

Howard made sure to say today that there “ain’t no rivalry” with Paul. The two Wake Forest products are good friends and talk often during the season. If anything, Howard said, people back home are proud to see both in the playoffs.

“Somebody is going to be home early this summer, one of the two,” Howard joked. “That’s all I can tell you.”

Howard first played against Paul in a pickup game at Wake. Howard was in college, while Paul was either a sophomore or junior in high school. Howard knew Paul’s older brother.

As for turning his left ankle early in the third quarter of Game 1, Howard said it didn’t bother him much in the second half. “A little stiff, but it’s nothing,” he said.

By the way, Howard has picked up the nickname “The Show,” a nod to his all-around game. Check out more at his official site: JoshHoward.com.

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