Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kidd deal on the verge?

Jason Kidd appears headed back to Dallas, according to reports out of New Orleans. For those of you familiar with the old deal, this revised trade replaces Jerry Stackhouse and Devean George with Trenton Hassell and Keith Van Horn.

Here are a couple stories detailing the new swap:

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Anonymous said...

It seems the Mavs are in a going for it all now frame of mind. While I understand the Mavs mindset in getting Kidd, I don't think this will be what the Mavericks need for a title. I can already see the wholes created by this trade. We no longer have the speedy pg to gaurd Tony Parker, Leandro Barbosa, Nash. We no longer have depth at Center to gaurd Shaq, Duncan, Bynum/Gasol, Camby, Boozer, etc. We loose future picks, but that doesn't involve this years playoffs. Now we get Kidd, but can Kidd thrive without the athletic players he had in NJ with JEfferson and Carter. Kidd thrives on passing to guys who gut to the basket. The closest guy we have is Josh Howard, but he isn't a high flyer.

So what needs to be done? The Mavericks need to continue the trade machine and look for an inside pressence. The kings recently waived Justin Williams. Adding him could be a cheap solution to finding minutes to back up Dampier. We could also seek another trade with Minnesota. They have 6 guys who could be centers. Craig Smith is an enteresting prospect. He has size, and can score. He is young and also doesn't have a huge contract.

As a Mavs fan for over fifteen years, since I was six, I think that if the Mavs get Kidd and then stand pat we will struggle in the playoffs. Does that mean the Mavs wont win it all, no. Kidd could spark the Mavs and they could come together and hit full stride bhy the playoff, but in the stacked West I think the Mavs need a little more gun power so we don't find ourselves watching a final duel between the Pistons and the Spurs.