Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nowitzki chimes in on Kidd

Mavs.com caught up with Dirk Nowitzki just after the press conference and before practice:

What’s this experience been like for you?
“I’m excited the whole deal is finally done. We got so far and deep into it there was really no way back. It’s definitely a great day, but it’s a sad day to see those teammates go. I’ll always consider Gana as one of the greatest teammates I’ve ever had in my career. I love Devin, so it’s tough to see those guys go.”

What does Kidd bring to the table?
“It should be fun. He’ll speed the game up for us and just make the game a lot easier. It’s hopefully going to open up the game for us. It’s great for Josh and me, and gets Jet off the ball more.”

Is it championship or bust?
“The window is now. If it doesn’t happen this year, we can look at another window maybe next year. That’s how you’ve got to look at it. Our chance is now to be a great team and go all the way, and that’s the move we needed to make.”

What about Malik Allen and Antoine Wright?
“I’m sure the three guys are going to fit in great. We’ve always had great chemistry here.”


Anonymous said...

Art, what kind of plan do they have for back up CENTER??

Anonymous said...

"We've got two roster spots and a mid-level exception," Mark Cuban said, "and we'll do our best to use the combination thereof to solve those issues."

DMN Blog talks about their plans for a backup. http://mavs.beloblog.com/archives/2008/02/mavs-searching-for-backup-big.html

Anonymous said...

Art, do you think we could get a picture of the guys at practice together? And do you plan on talking to Josh today? I'd really like to hear his take.

The more I hear how positive the team feels about this move, the better I feel about it; I just hope Kidd knows he came to this team, believing it to be a chance at the Finals, because of the hard work Devin and Gana put in and he is benefitting from their work.

MARK said...

you got to be kidding.... kid is not worth devin alone...what are they smokin. time to become a nets fan. cuban bites!!!