Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Plaxico in Dallas?

Giants receiver Plaxico Burress famously didn’t practice all season, instead resting his ankle/knee injuries all week for games. We all know how the story ended for the Cowboys’ NFC East rivals.

Sounds like the Dirk Nowitzki prescription.

“I know people down here probably won’t want to use that term, but if that’s the way we have to look at it, I think we like what happens at the end of that by winning a championship,” Jason Kidd said today. “Whatever Dirk has to do to get ready, it’s been working so why mess with it.”

Speaking of Nowitzki’s ailment, the percentages being thrown around for his left ankle are all over the map. Depending on when it’s being said and the drama quotient involved, the numbers are anywhere from 60-75 percent.

“You can only dream,” Kidd said whimsically. “I wish I could be at 60 percent doing the things that he does.”

Whether those numbers are accurate, one thing is certain: Nowitzki is improving. He’s under the expert care and supervision of trainers Casey Smith and Dionne Calhoun, and team doctor T.O. Souryal, and continues to receive the best rehab available.

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