Friday, April 11, 2008

Deron's 3-point play that almost was

It may have gotten lost in the drama of Dirk Nowitzki’s 3-point dagger, but Deron Williams’ almost 3-point play with 11.5 seconds left may have led to an all-out mutiny by the Dallas bench last night.

The Jazz were down three and Williams had just missed a trey. Mehmet Okur tracked down the rebound and got the ball back to Williams, who began to drive. Jason Kidd grabbed Williams about 18 feet from the basket, the whistle apparently blew and Williams continued on and dunked.

No problem. Williams would have two free throws. Not so fast. One official inexplicably ruled continuation, which would have given Williams a chance to tie the game. Avery Johnson and his staff exploded.

“That would be the old Dr. J continuation from the ABA,” Johnson quipped today.

The officials eventually huddled and got the call right, putting Williams on the line for two shots. So what would Johnson have done if the original call had been allowed to stand?

“I would have been in the locker room,” he deadpanned. Yes, a couple of technicals would have followed.

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