Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More of the same ahead starting w/ G-State

You can almost hear the exasperated voice of the everything-must-go-liquidation-sale guy from those annoying TV commercials.

“It’s all going down this week, folks. We don’t care how you get there. Just get … a win!”

We’ve heard it plenty in the last few weeks. The Mavericks begin another of those seize-the-moment stretches with the next biggest game of the season Wednesday night. Fellow playoff hopeful Golden State enters American Airlines Center on the second leg of a four-game trip that opened Tuesday night at San Antonio.

The Mavs can’t look past the Warriors, even with trips to the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix on the horizon. As one assistant coach described it, “We need eight one-game winning streaks.” Such a run ensures a postseason spot and a possible higher seed than the current No. 7 slot.

Watching the standings may occupy the time of fans and media both, especially with each passing day rearranging playoff pairings, but it can’t be the focus for those donning sneakers. They can’t control what happens elsewhere across the wild, wild Western Conference.

“Right now, you can’t play the scoreboard,” Jason Kidd said. “You just concentrate on what you can take care of. If we win then we’ve done our job.”

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