Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Dirk doesn't mean doom

Not having Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t bode well, but it doesn’t mean the impossible either. Teams win without their superstars. Just look at what Houston did without Yao Ming at first.

Golden State is coming off last night’s loss at San Antonio, which has left the Warriors ninth in the Western Conference. The Mavs were competitive Sunday at Golden State – without Nowitzki and Jerry Stackhouse – before falling 114-104.

“We can use [Nowitzki], but at the same time if we correct some of our errors that we had up in Golden State this last time, we still feel that we have a chance to win,” Avery Johnson said. “We some opportunities to score a little bit more. We had some opportunities to hold them down a little bit more with our defense. We had a lot of correctable errors and if he doesn’t play, we still have a great shot of winning this game.”

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