Monday, March 31, 2008

Kaman is a better matchup for Damp

Andris Biedrins means less Erick Dampier. Chris Kaman means more. The Warriors’ pace and small frontline isn’t the best for matchup for Dampier, who logged just 12 ½ minutes last night.

“It’s a fast game,” Avery Johnson said contests with Golden State. “Historically, he hasn’t had his better games against that team. We’ve tried extending the minutes and it just hadn’t worked out, and there have been one or two other teams like that. He should have plenty of energy tonight. We’ll definitely need it with Kaman playing.”

The traditional center – Kaman is 7-foot and 256 pounds – recently returned from a sore lower back. It just got easier for Damp. Kaman is out with a sprained ankle suffered in the first quarter.

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