Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From one point guard to another

Avery Johnson knows a thing or two about being a point guard. He’s part of the chorus touting New Orleans’ Chris Paul, who’s in this third year, as a real MVP candidate.

“He’s really a mature player for his age and he can do it all,” Johnson said. “He can shoot the 3, he can penetrate, he gets steals, he’s very, very confident. He’s an MVP candidate this year. They depend on him quite a bit.

“Again, he’s very heady, very knowledgeable of the game, can beat you in-between, at the basket, he gets to the free throw line, just causes havoc. And if you have to play against him in a 7-game series, I don’t think the opposing head coach is going to get much sleep.”

Paul and Lakers guard Kobe Bryant figure to be the leading contenders to succeed Dirk Nowitzki as MVP.

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