Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jones: No pressure on the Hornets

The mind-set of the Hornets going into the playoffs should be one of fearlessness. At least that’s the opinion of Eddie Jones, who owns 78 games of postseason experience.

“When you’re young you have no idea of what it is, so you don’t fear it,” Jones said before tip tonight.

He did add that the caliber of the player has something to do with it. Those already with ice water running through their veins are more likely to rise to the occasion than wilt under pressure.

“Ain’t no pressure on that team,” Jones continued. “What kind of pressure is on that team? No one expects them to come out and go to the Finals.”

So does tonight’s game mean anything extra? Can a message be sent since these teams can hook up again this weekend?

“I hope it don’t for us,” he said. “What we need to do is play as best as possible. I know we can play this team again. We want to get back to playing good basketball.”

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