Monday, January 14, 2008

Josh Howard back & looking for his shot

Josh Howard rejoined the team yesterday and will be good to go tonight at Sacramento, provided he finds his shot. J-Ho and Juwan Howard went through some extensive shooting drills after shootaround today, leaving the younger Howard soaked in sweat.

Asked if he was working hard, Josh caught his breath: “Oh yeah. Out there with Juwan trying to find my shot.”

He watched Saturday’s buzzer-beating win over the LA Clippers yesterday when he got to Sacramento.

“It’s hard not being able to be there with my team, but for us to be able to pull a win out is good,” Josh said. “Stack made a big shot. Eddie Jones made a great cut to make the rotation harder for them.”

Pulling out the win in SoCal without No. 5 proved a stiff challenge.

“Good to have him back,” Avery Johnson said. “Obviously, we missed him the last game. When he’s not in the lineup there are five different areas we can potentially suffer in, but when he’s out there it makes a difference for us. We’re definitely glad to have him back. Hopefully he can have a lot of energy tonight.”

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