Monday, December 3, 2007

Why go small with Jet?

The move to switch back to a tried-and-true starting lineup isn’t without its concessions. The plan coming into the season was to turn Jason Terry into the sixth man and start Eddie Jones with Devin Harris in the backcourt.

The move to bolster the bench weakened the starting five too much, in Avery Johnson’s view. The slow starts support that theory. Jones hasn’t been healthy or in shape this season. Johnson auditioned Trenton Hassell and Moe Ager at shooting guard and neither panned out.

Jerry Stackhouse seemingly has the size and experience Johnson is looking for, and has worked well with Harris in the past, but he’s remained on the bench. So Johnson’s only other alternative, at least until Jones and Devean George return, is going back the Terry-Harris mini-backcourt.

The decision also has one eye on the upcoming schedule.

“I’ve looked at the schedule in terms of when I think I can get George and Jones back,” Johnson said. “And during that stretch until they can get back, we’re not really playing against those big 2-guards like [Kobe] Bryant and [Tracy] McGrady that we’ve had problems with when we had to start our point guards. So we think we can get by for this next week to 10 days because nothing else was working.”

The first look at one of those big 2-guards will not be until Dec. 15 at Houston. George and Jones, who is practicing tomorrow in San Antonio for the first time since getting injured, should both be back before then.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

There are two problems that exist for the Mavs and fortunately one solution solves both of them. Problem #1 is the commonly discussed need for a big two guard who can both defend larger players, spread the court with his outside shooting and provide more athleticism. Problem #2 is the continual need to help Dirk in the front court by providing more inside help, power, rebounding and scoring. That way Dirk will have more room to navigate and power support much as Duncan always had with Robinson and other strong front court support.

The solution to both these problems is rather simple in my thinking. Start Brandon Bass at a forward position and move Josh Howard to the two guard. I think this will eventually happen as Caoach Johnson gets more confidence in Bass and more playing experience. Thanks for reading ...John DeVito