Sunday, December 2, 2007

Waiting on the plane in the Big Easy

Sitting here on the plane for two hours it just struck me: Why don’t I blog? OK, it wasn’t really my idea. Our lovely media relations director Sarah Melton suggested it. At the time I was watching videos on Dionne Calhoun’s computer with Dirk and Gana.

Weather in Chicago has us stuck on the tarmac here in New Orleans. Apparently it’s not ice or snow holding us back. Wind gusts have shut down quite a few runways at O’Hare. They do call it the Windy City.

So during our delay, I had lunch (chicken jambalaya, sweet potato mash and steamed vegetables), tooled around on the internet (check out Brad Townsend’s excellent Mike Sherman read at, let Fingers (team massage therapist) know his arm was bleeding, talked ball and Bourbon Street with Gana, and basically wandered from row to row.

Though waiting around isn’t ideal, it wasn’t bad. Normally when we board, people take their usual seats (kinda like the cafeteria in school) and everyone does their thing. A lot of headphones come on. Coaches break down film. Brad Davis and Keith Grant break out the cards. The rest of us in the traveling party usually have work to do.

But with so much time to kill, guys were up and about mingling. Well everyone but a hibernating Jerry Stackhouse. Paul Westphal just got some new tunes on his iPod from trainer Casey Smith. (Westphal digs Radiohead, even if he can’t understand the lyrics.) Dirk pondered entering the All-Star dunk contest. (He’s got a shot at winning … if no one else enters.)

So as I sat down to write this, we’re finally starting up the engines. Chicago, here we come. (Did I get a little too parenthetic?)


Lizzy said...

Chicago's not ready for you guys to arrive.. they're hoping for another month or two of windy runways.

I hope you all have a safe flight - we need our Mavs in one piece (I'm talking to you, too, Eddie and George!) for the Finals this year! <3

Art: More updates, please!

Cynthia said...

MFFL here! Just wanted you to know Art that I have really enjoyed your blog this season. As a Mavs fan I'm always looking to read anything I can about the team. You give alot of good insight into the team. I love the Mavs. I do not miss a game and try to go see at least a couple of games every season in person even though I live a couple of hours away from Dallas. I'd go to more if I had the $$ Anyway, let the guys know they have a couple of people here who are screaming their lungs out every game in their living room...if you listen closely you can probably hear us!! lol.
Hope you had a safe flight.
GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!

SA said...

Indian Mavs addict here and just wanted to let you know that im reading your blog and the dallas morning news blog always !!

Cynthia - i absolutely love your posts as well ! Keep them all coming ..

I try and download as many mavs game possible :)

Don't like the way Dirk has been used by Avery this season . Must treat him more like a superstar and set better plays for him . But Avery seems to be making things harder for Dirk and concentrating more on the rest ( Josh , Bass etc ) .. Hope its for the good in the long run !

Cheers ,