Saturday, December 22, 2007

What the Mavs had to say...

Mavs guard Jerry Stackhouse
“We really tried to create our energy, our own enthusiasm and for the most part we did. We were pretty solid all the way around except we allowed some offensive rebounds and some were lucky bounces for them, but for the most part I thought we did some good things tonight.”

Talk about Devin Harris play at the point tonight?
“We just want Devin to be aggressive. Whenever he’s aggressive and getting into the lane it creates so much havoc for the defense and it creates opportunities for everybody. He sometimes gets in the mode in the NBA point guard and just gets assists and all that stuff. We like our chances when he gets to the basket and he gets 15 plus points and from that threat if he’s able to get some assists then great, but we don’t want him to be the prototypical point guard.”

Mavs guard Jason Terry
You really got it going scoring wise in the 4th?

“We just felt like we needed to try to put this team away. They had closed the margin somewhat, they got it down to five but we made some big shots. I knocked down a couple and Dirk hit a big three down the stretch. I thought for the most part we made good decisions and did a great job on the offensive end. Defensively we still had an area of concern and that was on the defensive boards, but we’re still a work in progress. We like where we’re at right now at this point.”

Talk about the adjustment for you coming off the bench?
“I been in the league now nine years and it’s just a matter of going out with the mind set of being aggressive when I’m out there. I just need to continue to do the things my teammates need me to do when I’m out there.”

Mavs Head Coach Avery Johnson
“I thought overall our energy and our competitive spirit was good. We had a few breakdowns that we need to take a look at, but again the men our wide eyed, really in tune to what we are doing and they are making a concerted effort to defend better and get back on defense. We got better except for a few funny bounces on some offensive rebounds and some other they beat us on. Again we’re not flying high and mighty right now, we know we still have our game to work on and that keeps us on our toes.”

Do you like the overall defense right now?
“Some parts of it yes, some parts of it are pretty good. We didn’t give up many points in transition which was good. We were really getting after it out there trying to extend there offense a little bit and we’re fighting, playing hard and having fun.”

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