Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stackhouse finding his old groove

Jerry Stackhouse appears to be coming around about the same time as the Mavericks. Coincidence?

Perhaps. No one man makes a team, and everyone knows this team is built around an MVP. But there’s also no question that Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard, Jason Terry and Co. could use Stackhouse by their side.

They know it. So does Stackhouse.

“When I’m playing aggressive,” he said, “we’re different.”

That aggression/swagger seems to be back. Stackhouse is averaging 18 points on 50-percent shooting (17-34) during the three-game winning streak. Dallas (17-9) aims for four in Wednesday night’s expected track meet with Phoenix (18-7) at American Airlines Center.

Stackhouse isn’t just settling for jumpers during his personal spurt. His 17 foul shots (made all 17) lead the team over those three games. Nowitzki racked up 16 free throws in 112 minutes, while Howard added another 15 in 114 minutes. Stackhouse did his damage in just 79 minutes.

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