Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Suns staffers get the best of the Mavs

For those of you who think Mavs-Suns tonight is the main event, you should have been at the AAC practice court this afternoon for the undercard. The Suns training/equipment staff took on a motley crew of Mavs staffers in the best-of-7 halfcourt 4-on-4 bonanza.

The Dallas boys were trainer Casey Smith, assistant trainer Dionne Calhoun, basketball communications stud Scott Tomlin and assistant video guy Mondrick James. Smith used to work in Phoenix, so the grudge match was personal.

I know I said it was a best-of-7, but these quickly aging has-beens and never-weres audibled to best-of-3 after the first game to 11 took more than 20 minutes. I’m sure their knees, ankles and lungs welcomed the change.

Phoenix dominated Game 1, 11-5. The Mavs stormed to take the second game 11-6. The Suns were down 6-0 in Game 3 before rallying for a series-clinched 11-8 win. I wish I had better stats, but I can only count so many missed shots and turnovers.

They did play a fourth game, but didn’t recognize it for purposes of declaring a winner. Besides, I was too bored to watch anymore.

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