Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stack: Stay home booing Knicks fans

Not only did the fans at Madison Square Garden last night heartily voice their dissatisfaction with the Knicks and Isiah Thomas, they booed a young boy singing Frank Sinatra tunes at halftime.

There’s no place like New York.

“I’ve been in situations like that in Philadelphia and it’s tough,” Jerry Stackhouse said today after practice in Toronto. “You just wish they would stay their ass home. Why come to the game and boo? Come and support.

“That’s how fickle Northeastern fans can be or fans in general. If they were able to turn it around somehow and go on a nice 10-game winning streak, Isiah can do no wrong and Dolan made the right move sticking with him.”

MSG chairman James Dolan recently gave Thomas a vote of confidence.

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