Friday, December 14, 2007

Catching up with Brandon Bass caught up with Brandon Bass during the visit to New Orleans earlier this month. As many of you know, Bass is from Louisiana and began his pro career with the Hornets.

Check out the interview at Here's a snippet: Being that you grew up in Louisiana, describe how it feels getting to come home and play in front of a lot of friends and family.

Bass: It’s a good feeling, a little weird, getting to come home and play against your former team and in front of a lot of family and friends. It is pretty much the first time my family will get to see me actually play as an NBA player, so I’m going to enjoy it. What’s been behind your vast improvement in production this season with the Mavericks?

Bass: I think just sticking with it. Sometimes things don’t go as planned early on, but if you stick with it you can overcome some things, and that is what I did in this situation.

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