Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't change a thing

There’s been plenty of conjecture about a certain No. 24 coming to Dallas. One of those rumored as a possible piece in a blockbuster deal doesn’t believe he’s headed anywhere.

“I’m very confident. I’m very optimistic,” Jason Terry said today. “My confidence comes from within. It comes from Avery Johnson. Until Avery tells me anything different, he’s the reason why I’m here in Dallas and he’ll be the reason why I stay. I believe in him. I’m not concerned about it. I’m focused in on having fun and playing as hard as I possibly can every night out.”

Not messing with the team’s time-tested chemistry seems to be a priority over any dramatic roster shakeup.

“I can’t make that decision,” Devin Harris said. “If we’re forced to do it, we’ll have to live with it. Over the course of the years the team camaraderie that we’ve built, the experience with the core group of guys, going through the ups and down, we’re definitely in place to do what we need to do. And hopefully it’ll stay that way.”

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