Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not at best against West

The Mavs owned the best record against the Western Conference before the Jason Kidd trade at 23-7. They’re 3-6 since, with each loss coming against a playoff contender. Dallas is 6-0 against Kidd’s former conference.

“It’s kind of changed a little bit,” Avery Johnson admitted. “We were really good against the West. We were struggling against the East, but I think we had the best Western Conference record.

“That’s changed now and that’s something we’ve got to address, because down the stretch we’re going to be playing a lot of teams from the West. Our Eastern Conference teams pretty much are over now.”

The Celtics close out the East schedule. The Mavs are 18-11 against that circuit. The last 13 games are against the West.

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