Friday, March 21, 2008

Charles Barkley on the Mavs

Charles Barkley always has something to say. That’s one of the big reasons we love TNT. Here are some of the Chuckster’s remarks from last night:

On the Mavericks needing a playing identity: “I think the Mavs just haven’t figured out how to play, they only have one way to play. They have to figure out a way to become the Phoenix Suns, they need to outscore people…They are not going to have a good half-court team, they’ve got to run and gun and let Jason Kidd make (Brandon) Bass and (Erick) Dampier better. It’s no secret, they have to speed up the game, they can only play one way.”

On Jason Kidd: “Jason Kidd is the probably the best point guard in the NBA as far as making guys better. He’s the perfect guy and he makes everyone around him better.”

On Popeye Jones: “I hate that guy Popeye Jones, he kicked my ass all the time. I could not figure that guy out. He’s like Reggie Miller, he doesn’t have any problem hearing anything.”

On a locker room confrontation between Mark Cuban and Avery Johnson: “The little dust up between Mark Cuban and Avery Johnson, confrontation is a part of sports. As long as you keep it in the locker room it can bring the team together. I think it’s going to help Dallas. Mark Cuban is my favorite owner and Avery’s got to take some criticism, that’s part of it. Now they’ve got to circle the wagons, and say, ‘you know what, this is our team and we’ve got tot stick together’ because a lot of people are trying to pull them apart.”

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