Thursday, February 28, 2008

Popping off: Kidd is a “Warrior”

The Spurs tried to sign Jason Kidd in the summer of 2003, even though they were coming off a title with Tony Parker as their point guard. That should tell you something about the respect San Antonio skipper Gregg Popovich had for Kidd.

And still has.

Popovich was asked about the Kidd’s impact after just four games with Dallas.

“I always thought of Jason as a fearless point guard,” Pop said. “If he thinks something’s there, he’s going after it. He’s there to win. If he makes a mistake, he’s great in that he doesn’t care. All that matters is the very next play.

“He doesn’t linger in the past, all he does is compete. He has the same juices flowing that Manu Ginobili has, very unique people, every second they’re on the court. They would have been great warriors in the Middle Ages.”

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