Monday, February 25, 2008

Jason Terry entrenched at “2” guard

That’s the word from Avery Johnson, who said he’s settled on an all-Jason backcourt going forward. Kidd and Terry don’t present the same size issues as Terry and Devin Harris, since Kidd is stronger than Harris and stands closer to 6-foot-4. (Harris was closer to 6-1.)

“We like Jason Terry at the ‘2,’” Johnson said. “We think he’s one of the best shooters in the league.”

What does that mean for Eddie Jones? Well, he was on the inactive list against Chicago.

Johnson added that his focus, at least for the rotation, is on the bench. Sixth man Jerry Stackhouse can feel secure as the first man off the pine. Devean George will be given every opportunity to “back up” Kidd as a point forward.

The team is in a mini-training camp mode. Johnson plans to evaluate everything in three-game increments instead of the usual five since the playoffs are right around the corner. After tonight, only 25 games remain in the regular season.

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bobbo said...

Even Kidd admits to being "more like 6'2". Harris was measured at the 2004 predraft camp at 6'1.5" in bare feet, and 6'3" in sneakers.

They're the same height. Kidd is stronger, no doubt, but this silliness about Kidd being a legitimate 6'4" sounds like someone looking for justification wherever he can find it.