Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dirk beating the double team

Dirk Nowitzki has run off three straight 30-point games going into tonight against Utah. The MVP is going to get double-teamed by the Jazz. Avery Johnson knows it. Nowitzki knows it. All those who brave the snow to pack the Tox Box (EnergySolutions Arena) know it, too.

Double teams aren’t necessarily passing situations for Nowitzki. As we’ve seen the last three games, Nowitzki can still make things happen when teams can send multiple defenders his way.

“Sometimes I’ve still got to find a way to get my shots off,” he said today after shootaround. “Usually by just waiting once I catch the ball and let the other team double-team me, sometimes I’ve got to quick shoot it, quick drive it and make something happen.”

Johnson said it’s a matter of being more aggressive. Split the double team, if possible. If he has to pass the ball out, call for it back.

“He’s not as easily double-teamed as he was earlier in the season,” Johnson said. “He trusts his teammates, but there are times we want him to go and make plays if there is a weak double team.”

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