Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Devin Harris still a Cheesehead

Devin Harris has no emotional dilemma for tomorrow night’s NFC Championship Game XLI ½. The Mavs quarterback shares an allegiance with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo since both are from Wisconsin, but that’s where Harris draws the line.

“I hope Tony does well and I’m glad that the Cowboys are doing well,” Harris said today after the morning shootaround, “but obviously I want the Packers to win. That’s my team. That’s who I’m going with.”

Harris will be there when the Cowboys and Packers hook up down the road at Texas Stadium. He made sure to reserve a spot in Mark Cuban’s suite weeks ago. In Harris’ perfect world, Brett Favre leads the Cheeseheads to a last-minute 42-35 victory.

“I want to see a great game, a lot of touchdowns, guys playing well, but at the end I’d like to see the Packers on top,” he said.

Though the Mavs play tonight, football is on the brain. Asked if he planned to watch the gridiron title, Avery Johnson acted bewildered at first. After a broad smile, he admitted that he would, in fact, be in front of the TV. Then he referred to Eddie Jones as “Eddie George.” George, a former Heisman winning running back, spent a season with the Cowboys after a long run with the Oilers/Titans.

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