Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Night & Day

The four days of training camp this week are broken into morning and evening practices, provided you also count Thursday night’s Fan Jam at AAC as a practice. Avery Johnson will have a theme for each session, which typically lasts about two hours.

Here’s Avery’s Tuesday night breakdown of Day 1: “We gave them a lot, especially offensively tonight. This morning we were leaning more towards defense, tightening up our transition defense, which was up and down last year. Just working more on our defensive game, some offense. Tonight was pretty heavy on the offensive side of the ball.”

A lot of practice is also muscle-memory and reviewing terminology. The night practice focused on shooting and spacing, while physicality and making contact ruled in the morning.

For more on the first day of camp, check out the Day 1 notebook at mavs.com.

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