Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mavs moving to New Mexico

No, not the team. But the Mavs’ D-League affiliate is on the move once again. After a year with Tulsa and two in Fort Worth, the Albuquerque Thunderbirds will be the new training stop for those Mavs not quite ready for prime time.

Talk about strange bedfellows, the other NBA team sharing the New Mexico outpost, somewhat noteworthy in these parts, is the Miami Heat. For the first time since the D-League’s inception seven years ago, each team is affiliated with a maximum of two NBA teams.

Check out the NBA’s official announcement on affiliates at


Lizzy said...

Art, although both the Mavs and the Heat will be in NM, the Mavs still have rights to the players they send there, right? Miami wouldn't be able to grab up a player they wanted, would they? And didn't Gana play in some summer league games when he was already on the team? Will anyone on the team be going this year?

Go Mavs!!

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