Thursday, May 15, 2008

Josh and Carlisle ready to move forward

Josh Howard and Rick Carlisle went to dinner Wednesday night, and the new coach of the Mavericks picked up the bill. Looks like their relationship is off on the right foot.

“From what I’ve heard, he’s a great coach,” Howard said Thursday afternoon. “The guys I talked to had nothing but good things to say. I’m looking forward to working with Coach next year.

“He’s an X&O’s guy and he wants to win. He’s really excited about this situation and the pieces he has.”

Howard checked in with a pair of former teammates – Marquis Daniels and Darrell Armstrong – who played for Carlisle in Indiana. Howard wasn’t just interested in a scouting report on the coaching style of Avery Johnson’s replacement. He also wanted to get a sense of the person.

The dinner served as introduction for both as they each enter a critical offseason. Carlisle has begun putting his stamp on the franchise, which includes his input in reshaping the roster. Howard is moving forward from a disappointing series of events, on and off the court, to finish up the season.

They discussed those issues and Howard’s willingness to work harder than he ever has to prepare for his sixth NBA season.

“We talked about what happened and he understood my point of view,” Howard said. “I’m planning to take [my workouts] to the next level for myself first and because of what happened at the end of the year. You learn from stuff like that and I was finally able to put everything behind me.”

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