Sunday, April 27, 2008

Paul pulling for Bass

Competition doesn’t remove the human element. Chris Paul and Brandon Bass are on opposite sides in this series, but they share a bond three years in the making. Paul can’t help but be proud of Bass, who played little during his two-year stint with the Hornets.

“It’s been unbelievable,” Paul said. “B-Bass is my guy, we came in together. It’s been great to see how well he’s played. Just wish he had a Hornets uniform on.”

Bass has had a little extra in the tank this season against the Hornets, who gave up on the LSU product and Baton Rouge native. Paul, for one, was sad to see him leave via free agency.

“Most definitely, but at the same time I think everything happens for a reason,” Paul said. “B-Bass is in a great situation here, so I’m more happy that he’s here playing rather than being with us and not sure what’s happening. As long as he’s doing well, I’m happy for him.”

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