Sunday, April 27, 2008

Josh Howard apologizes

I'm sure many of you know about the events of recent days involving Josh Howard and the disclosure of some of his offseason activities. You can listen here to Howard's interview on the Michael Irvin Show on ESPN FM 103.3.

In light of those remarks, Josh posed the following on his website,, today:

An Apology
by Josh Howard

I recently talked about a controversial topic with members of the media. I used poor judgment and I want to apologize to my fans, the Mavericks and the NBA. I am fortunate to be playing basketball in the NBA. I realize I have a responsibility as a role model for young fans, and I take that responsibility seriously.


Anonymous said...

quit lying josh!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... Didn't Josh Howard's recently disparage our national anthem, saying that he "don't celebrate that ... because I'm Black"???

This apology of his does nothing to let me know that he doesn't hate America, as his comments make it appear.

I have always been a fan of Josh's, but I have a completely different view of this country than he does. I love America, and I feel nothing but FORTUNATE to have been born here. I certainly cannot be a Josh Howard fan if I think he hates this country. How can he not realize how blessed he is???

I get the impression that he would fortunate prefer spend the rest of his career playing overseas. And while I would miss his production for the Mavericks, at this point I can say that I would be glad to see him spend the rest of his career playing basketball in another country which is more Black-friendly that he views America to be.