Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lue ready vs. Bobcats, George hurting

Tyronn Lue will be in uniform tomorrow night when the Mavs host Charlotte. The backup point guard, who’s been out with a strained left calf, didn’t have any setbacks during today’s brisk practice.

The plan is for Lue to join the rotation in relief of Jason Kidd, somewhere in the 10-18 minute range depending on the situation. Lue will wear No. 10.

Avery Johnson’s marching orders for Lue: “Don’t turn the ball over, run the team for those minutes that he’s in the game and make open shots.”

Celtics coach Doc Rivers called Johnson after the Mavs picked up Lue. Boston was also recruiting the 10-year vet.

“He told me that he had him in Orlando and I’m going to be really pleased with him,” Johnson said. “High basketball IQ. He’s a pro.”

Johnson said Lue has been given a “new life” in the basketball sense with the Mavs. Lue has certainly lived a charmed one at times, picking up a pair of championship rings during his stint with the Lakers.

He’s played with a number of stars, including Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Though he’s only been in Dallas a week, Lue has added Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki to that list.

“I can tell my kids, if I ever have any, that I’ve played with a lot of great players,” Lue said with a smile.

Devean George (back soreness) tried to practice, but it didn’t work out. Officially, he remains day-to-day.

“He looked a little tender,” Johnson said. “He’s not quite right yet – sore with that back. He tried to come out and give it a go, and it got sore on him and a little tight. He’s somebody we’ve got to rehab and try to get him back 100 percent. We’ll see how he recovers.”

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