Monday, March 10, 2008

Kidd and Mavs can start streak vs. NY

The Big Apple Tour continues for Jason Kidd and the Mavs tonight with the Knicks visiting. Kidd enjoyed a firsthand look at all the craziness surrounding Isiah Thomas’ bunch from across Lincoln Tunnel during his days with New Jersey.

Though the nicked-up Knicks are sloshing through another miserable season, Kidd isn’t taking them lightly. The Mavs can ill afford to take anyone lightly lately, even coming off a 20-point pasting of Kidd’s former team.

“New York is a very talented team,” Kidd said. “They have a good coach in Isiah. They’ve been through a lot, [with] me being there, seeing the stuff they’ve gone through, but they’re still professional.

“They still come to work every day and they can beat anybody on any given night. So for us it’s to protect home and come out with the same type of energy that we did the last time we played the Nets.”

A win tonight gives the Mavs a winning record again with Kidd in the lineup, and the start of a streak.

“We’ve played 10 games and we are 5-5,” Kidd continued. “We’ve had some tough losses on the road, but we’re not new anymore, so it’s just a matter of us being able to put a nice win streak together and move forward and prepare ourselves for the playoffs. We only have, I think, 19 games left, so we have to go out there and try to win all of them.”

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