Monday, March 24, 2008

Considering the alternative

Though no one wants to consider this alternative, there is at least one “positive” to missing the playoffs. The Mavs get their first round draft choice back from New Jersey and will take part in the lottery.

The chances of landing a top three pick are slim, but the selection would be no worse than 14. Again, no one wants to think about gloom-and-doom possibilities.

“I’m not thinking about all that,” Dirk Nowitzki said. “We’re in the middle of the playoff hunt, as of now we’re still in the playoffs, so I don’t want to even think we’re not going to make the playoffs. I’m going to ice my butt off for the next couple of days and hopefully I can be out there as soon as I can.”

So can the Mavs make the playoffs without Nowitzki?

“We’ll see what happens,” he said. “I think in this league anything is possible. Everything is so tight, but if we rally together, sometimes a team comes closer together when a player goes down. We’ll see what happens, but I’m confident in the guys and we’ll go from there.”

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Lizzy said...

Art! This is no time for statements like that! The Mavs can do it without Dirk, and we'll be better off because of it when the Playoffs come! Dirk will get a break, and the reserves will know what needs to be done without him! Print this out and tell Mr. 1st quarter (J-Ho) he needs to do what he does, and Mr. 4th Quarter (Jet) needs to do the same. I have full faith our team can take care of business while our MVP is out. There will be no slippage, our team can take care of the week or two ahead. You were asking if they needed a kick in the butt, a hug, or a push... this is the push and kick. Stop telling yourselves Dirk or Kidd will take care of it, and just do it like we know you can... maybe even go up a spot or two! Now is the time to do it. Show the West this is not Dirk's team: this is The Mavericks! You know they're all terrified of what this team is able to accomplish! You're the best in the West!!! This is the MAVERICKS!

Josh!!! Be the go-to man you are, and everyone else - be the MEN THAT MADE INTO THE NBA!!! It's time for you to deliver without the reigning MVP, and I think Kidd knows that and willl step up for everyone, and the team will produce even further... and when he comes back- how hard will it be for the Mavericks to take hold of what is happenig?? I mean, come on! I laugh at anyone that says it is better to miss the Playoffs than to be there and win it all: I mean, you guys can do it! No team in the West wants you to stand up and say Yes we can!